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Handa Stone Clinic

We provide complete solutions for the treatment of kidney and gall stones using latest, sophisticated, state of the art machines. While incorporating the best in technology, we still embrace valuces like reliability, skill and personalizzed patient care. Besides lithotripsy we provide comprehensive solutions to all urological problems. Special care and attention is taken to minimize pain and discomfort by employing advanced techniques to remove kidney stones.

Some Major Facilities provided Are:

  • ESWL : Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
  • PCNL : Percutaneous Nephro Lithotomy
  • TURP : Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate and Bladder lesions
  • Ureteroscopy : Visual examination of Ureter and removing stones

Kidney Stones? Say No to Surgery!

Yes, with the dawn of a new technology the stone removal procedure has become simpler and painless. What's more, it has eliminated totally, the need for surgical intervention! This anaesthesia free, painless, bloodless procedure is called Lithotripsy.

For Gall Bladder Stones?

Lithotripsy is not suited for gall bladder stones. However, these can be removed by key hole surgery- that is Laproscopy Cholecystectomy. This does not require any major surgery and the recovery time is just two days.

What is Lithotripsy?

Stone lithotripsy is the process of removing kidney stones using high intensity electro-hydraulic shock waves. These shock waves pulverize calculi (stones) completely and the tiny fragments are then easily eliminated by the urinary system. Since surgical procedure is absent, there is no pain or discomfort and the risks involved are minimal. It is an anaesthesia free, painless procedure. Also, the risks of anaesthetic complications, post-surgical infection and surgical trauma are absent. The patient can walk without assistance and go home in comfort!
Keeping in mind these benefits, Handa stone clinic has inducted the globally successful Direx Stone Lithotripter is a hassle free, trustworthy, patient friendly, super performer.

Patient Care-Our First Priority!

New technology can never deliver its potential if the human element behind it is imperfect. For this reason alone, the management at Handa Stone Clinic believes in giving topmost priority to the needs of the patient.
The following special benefits are extended to the patient at the inconvenience involved in a surgical procedure.

  • Short economical treatment span that eliminates the inconvenience involved in a surgical procedure.
  • Full back up facilities for post treatment checkups, resistant recurring stones.
  • Treatment is provided under the expert supervision of Dr. A.K. Handa who is one of the leading surgeons in Delhi.
  • Our lithotripter is a brand new, top of the shelf model, the latest in the world. It is less noisy, efficient and precise- sharp contrast to the inferior, often reconditioned older machines that are used elsewhere.
  • We charge a per case fee instead of a per sitting fee. This gives the patient a fairly clear idea of the expenses involved


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