A team-based approach that centres on the patient and their families is the cornerstone of our care. We bring together physicians, nurses, and other healthcare clinicians to provide you with excellent care. We are committed to:

  • A collaborative approach, with multiple specialists and expert intensivists evaluating your condition
  • Availability and responsiveness:

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any emergency.

  • An on-call physician is always on call to help with urgent needs
  • Nurses specially trained in caring for your condition are available
  • Central bedside oxygen and suction is available with 24×7 monitoring
  • We have a 6 bedded ICU unit available for critical care
  • Bedside hemodialysis is available in the unit for continuous renal care
  • We are equipped with 3 state of the art ventilator machines for respiratory support while in the ICU
  • BiPAP support machines are available to deal with critical needs as necessary
  • Bedside Echocardiography is available and will be carried out by our team to monitor your cardiac health
  • An inhouse senior physician is available to address your concerns when you are cared for in the ICU
  • Our team of specially-trained healthcare professionals provide around-the-clock support and care for those who need it the most.
  • Our ICU physicians work closely with nurses, specialists, respiratory therapists, and staff members to offer the highest quality of care and services.

Common conditions which may require treatment in the ICU include the following:

  • Trauma
  • Heart failure
  • Respiratory failure
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Sepsis
  • Stroke
  • Shock
  • Ruptured brain aneurysm
  • General surgeons provide on-site care around the clock, and numerous medical specialities are quickly available for treatment.
  • The top physicians in critical care, who have completed intensive training in all protocols are available with us.
  • Our critical care teams are trained to make quick judgments and think spontaneously.
  • Each member of the critical care team is available for all your needs 24×7
  • The presence of a diverse team of specialists available round-the-clock at our hospital ensures that patients receive the best possible care 
  • Our Department of Critical Care is outfitted with cutting-edge critical care & emergency medicine infrastructure.
  • We employ high-precision monitoring devices, and cutting-edge equipment along with high standards of infection control measures.
  • Our team of highly specialised critical care experts ensures that we remain at the forefront of critical care in the nation.
  • To constantly monitor the critically sick patients for a full recovery, we also have trained physicians working under the supervision of senior doctors and available at the ward around-the-clock